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For a couple of weeks now I have been working with a dev team called "Startreming" to make music for their upcoming game "Insert Paper"! There will be a purchacable OST somewhere at sometime, I hope you like my music! (The ost consists of mainly my tracks and some from AceMantra)

Steam link:

Anyone in need of music?

2017-07-08 19:43:11 by Electronox

I can make music for people who need it! I am currently experimenting with different genres of music, so if you think I have the potential to make the music you are looking for, please PM me!

As the title states. I am very stuck making music, meaning that I am not sure what to do next to my song "blue space" or to any other song I have in production. I am still learning how to use FL studio alongside doing my GCSEs which is frustrating. I hope you are all ok with this!

I have come to the conclusion that the music I am currently creating lacks any real musical features. In light of this, I am working really hard on my new song, which I hope you all will like. I am going to try my hardest with this one, using my newfound skills of automation clips and plugins. I really hope you will all enjoy it!

As stated in the subject title, I have not been posting in a while. I am currently experimenting with different sytrus things, so expect more songs coming soon. I always appreciate comments that help me make better songs! Thanks for listening! 

New Songs

2016-01-17 09:06:33 by Electronox

Hello! Thanks for listening to my new songs!! Just as a quick announcement, the next songs I will be making will be/ should be in the style of songs used in the program RPG maker. This means I will be making a battle song/ boss battle song, a dungeon song and a village song. If you would like to use one or all of these songs for a game, please ask me first! Thanks!!


Also, I know im not that famous, but I have made a bandcamp account. Please go check it out! (I originally made it to buy one of NoisySundaes albums, Check him out as well!) This means that sometimes I might put an album onto bandcamp before newgrounds. Please also check out my bandcamp! My songs are free but bandcamp only allows 200 free downloads per month unless some people pay. I don't mind either way! Im just glad I have people who like my stuff!!!

Slow creation

2015-06-06 11:18:24 by Electronox

Sorry about the slow release of my songs, im having technical difficulties at the moment because the music program i primarily use is on my external hardrive, which is broken and needs to be fixed (The wire connecting the two has gone wierd) So all the music I was making has been put on hold. I am, however, using the demo of FL studio to produce some smaller songs. I am in the middle of creating a tetris song remix. Please hold on and thanks for listening to my songs!


2015-04-10 13:46:59 by Electronox

Hello everyone! You wont know me but i am Electronox. I make music on youtube but with little succsess. I do hope that you like the music i produce and i also hope you will check out my youtube channel! Thanks!